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Here is a list of questions you should ALWAYS ASK
when purchasing a remote starter system for ANY vehicle:

- Will my vehicles factory remotes, "KEYLESS ENTRY" functions still work while the vehicle is remote started / running?

- Will the remote starter arm / disarm /control my factory alarm?

- Is my vehicle equipped with a Pass-Lock Anti-Theft?

- Does my key have a, "Transponder Chip" embedded in it?

- Does a key have to be consumed when installing a remote starter in your vehicle?

- Is there a warranty on "Parts and Labor" ?

- Are the wires being, "HARD WIRED" or are the installers using ,"Quick Connectors" (T-Taps)?

AUDIO OBSESSIONS will only sell the industry's absolute best, compustar by Firstech.

Audio Obsessions has seen them all. Compustar has proven over and over again that it is the best way to add protection and a remote start to your vehicle.

The right choice for your vehicle is Compustar!

Compustar offers a user friendly design, unsurpassed range options, and excellent build quality.

It is so important that when shopping for a remote starter or alarm package that you inquire about the method of installation. Many shops use “T-Taps” to install remote starter/alarm components. "T-Taps" or "Scotchloks" are unfortunately widely used in this industry for tapping into a vehicles wiring because they make it much easier to access the copper wire beneath the insulation (saving the installer time on installation). 3M™ plastics rate these connectors to handle up to 20 Amps of current. Most of the vehicles on the road today can draw above 20 Amps of current when the vehicle starts. This excessive current draw can cause the plastic on both the T-Tap and the male connector to melt resulting in a malfunction and failure to start.

Audio Obsessions installers “HARD WIRE” everything! "HARD WIRING" is much more reliable because we actually splice our wires directly into the vehicles wiring which provides a solid direct/reliable connection. So, with this much attention to detail on our installation and the superior quality of the Compustar brand, you can always trust the experts at Audio Obsessions to provide you with the best possible solution for your vehicle.

compustar - P1WBAM P1WBAM
The P1WBAM is our entry level Compustar remote start solution. It offers a range of 800' and consists of a single button that is capable of providing keyless entry along with remote start. The P1WBAM is a perfect  solution for those who want a basic remote starter system and do not need the optional keyless entry integration.  Ideal for vehicles that either do not have power locks or if they have keyless entry built into the actual key itself.
compustar - P1WSH P1WSHS
The P1WSH is the most popular option that offers Remote Start, Keyless entry, Trunk Release and 2 AUX options for sliding doors. The P1WSH has a range of 1200-1500'.
compustar - P1W900BAM P1W900BAM
A LONGER RANGE single button solution is here! The P1W900BAM has a range of 2500' and has a single button that can provide both keyless entry along with remote start. If your looking for a basic remote starter system with longer range and do not need the optional keyless entry integration, the P1W900BAM is for you! Ideal for vehicles that either do not have power locks or if they have keyless entry built into the actual key itself.
compustar - P1W900FM P1W900FM
The P1W900FM is our best selling long range remote system. This remote start system offers all of the keyless entry features found on our P1WSH remote but has 900MHz FM technology that allows up to 3000’ of range. In addition to the phenomenal range, the P1W900FM includes all of the advantages of having a Compustar Pro Series system.
compustar - P2W900LED P2W900FM
The P2W900LED is our NEW entry level 2-Way communication remote starter system. This remote offers all of the same features as the P1W900FM remote but with the major benefits 2-Way communication has to offer. The P2W900LED remote has 900MHz FM technology that allows up to 3000’ of range. With the P2W900LED 2-Way remote starter system you have the ability to confirm when your vehicle has successfully started by way of audible and visual indicators.
compustar - P2W900-SS P2W900-SS
Welcome to the cream of the crop and our most popular system when it comes to 2-Way communication remotes. The SS remote has the capability of communicating with the vehicle from up to a mile away! You might say that you won’t be a mile away from your vehicle but, many times the communication line between you and your vehicle can be hampered by things like concrete, steel, Wi-Fi communications, and other electronic devices. The SSR system is able to block out many of these interferences and provide an extreamly reliable communication to and from the vehicle.
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